About us

“The goal of “Virtual Assistant Inc” is to help other companies get their most important tasks done. The team is working from the secure office in Ukraine.
We have confidence in the experience and quality of our team.
The target market for these services are for busy individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses or large corporations interested in freeing up some time or getting access to skilled help for their day-to-day needs. Our mission is to harness our creativity into a viable solution.


Key areas of activity “Virtual Assistant Inc” – outsourcing contact center services, including the organization of information support services, integrated support, marketing research.
In addition to the standard services of contact centers, “Virtual Assistant Inc” offers partnership in projects for optimization and reorganization of partner remote services in the format of outsourcing management of the internal contact center of the partner, or the outsourcing of the partner’s remote servicing department with the involvement of the resources of the contact centers “Virtual Assistant Inc“.


Virtual Assistant Inc” follows the dynamics of technology development that provides business development in the field of communications, therefore, it constantly conducts work on finding and integrating new technological solutions that meet the most pressing needs of modern business. The company’s advantage is the use of technologies that allow the implementation of both universal and individual solutions.


For “Virtual Assistant Inc“, the basic principle of working on a project is an individual approach to each client. Flexibility and willingness to work on optimizing the business processes of remote partner service is a distinctive feature of BEEPER in dealing with partners.