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Result of our services - number of clients flow is increased. For each business it is extremely important not only to not miss a single call, but also to provide high-quality customer service, completing the maximum number of contacts by selling goods and services.

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Media Call Center enables you to handle any type of inbound call instantaneously, while providing features unmatched in the contact center industry for outbound campaigns.

Automated Call Distribution

The system keeps statistics on the work of each employee, including the total talk time, the number of calls, the time of the last call and the time of absence at the workplace.

Intelligent Skill based routing

This solution allows not only to improve the quality of customer service, but also to full use the most valuable resource of the contact center - its agents more efficiently.

Prioritized queues

Queue calls intended to receive calls and putting them in the waiting queue. Whereby number of missed calls is significantly reduced.


A properly selected combination of musical accompaniment, voice of the speaker and the vocabulary used creates a favorable impression of a call to the organization.


Record conversations can improve the security of the company and the quality of customer service.

Our services

We providing profitable and solid outsourced contact centre services, we make it easyer for you to achieve and exceed customer expectations. Focus on what you do best. We'll take care of the rest.


  • The best correlation of the quality and cost of the call-center services
    Efficient use of multidisciplinary experience and unique technological resources

  • Respect for each Partner’s client during the dialogue
    The development of loyalty of Call Center employees to the Partner through corporative values, knowlege of client business and be able to meet of his needs.

  • Safety and effectiveness of project maintenance processes
    The reconstructed security system, stringent sequence, logic, control and understanding of the result make technological process more profitable.